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Theo Doro POP-UP-SHOP in Tucson

Two Day Event. THIS TIME WE ARE MOVING OUR SHOP TO TOWN!! Our host is Rick Bracht and Studio BangAZ in Tucson. Come find unique gifts for yourself, your friends and family for this Holiday Season. All beautifully wrapped and ready to go under your tree. Bring your friends. MARKDOWNS: HUGE, MAJOR, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC, REALLY BIG!!!! You Don't want to miss it! 1. VIP Coupon Code (DM us for online shopping) 2. 50%OFF 3. FREE Gifts with any purchase 4. With $200+ order you get FREE INTIMATES value $85 5. Buy-one-get-one 6. New Collection with 15%OFF 7. All Beautifully wrapped Enjoy your shopping with HOT CHOCOLATE, MIMOSA and HOMEMADE BITES.

Here is FB event

Can't make it ? SHOP ONLINE today! QUESTIONS? call 520 442 7334

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